The Need For Enhanced Reading Skills

In our information-based society where every individual is ultimately judged on their ability to read. It's no wonder many people feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they have to process every day.

Our workshops teach Efficient Reading skills. These newly learned Reading skills will last a life time. You will learn to read better and faster with improved comprehension, retention, and recall.


Workshop Benefits

Your newly learned reading skills will be used on a daily basis. Feel confident that they will become as permanent and automatic as those of riding a bike.

First you will be taught How to Unlearn the Habits of Inefficient Readers, i.e., reading one word at a time and vocalizing each word as they are read. Inefficient reader's reading rates are limited to the rate at which they speak. They suffer from poor comprehension, retention and recall. Inefficient readers are also termed "Oral Readers."

Then, you will be taught How to Learn the Habits and Skills of Efficient Readers. Efficient Readers read more than one word at a time, without vocalizing. This increases reading speed to several times the rate at which the average person speaks.

Efficient readers have improved comprehension, retention and recall. Efficient readers are also termed "Silent Readers."


Cost of Reading

Corporate, federal, state, and local government organizations pay an estimated $26 million per year for the time every 1,000 employees and staffs spend reading.

Investment in speed reading training pays off with a powerful ROI in terms of improved efficiency and productivity, reduction in errors, and enhanced self-esteem. See our Cost-Benefit Analysis for more information about calculating the cost of reading.

Similar to the corporate ROI analysis, students who learn Efficient Reading skills will experience a high "ROI" in terms of more efficient use of their time spent on homework and reading assignments. Doubling or tripling reading speeds, with improved comprehension, retention and recall, will allow them to do more in less time, or to have more free time to do other things.


It's all About Results!

With newly learned Efficient Reading skills, each participant will have a solid understanding of how to read three to five times faster. In the workshop, each participant will experience how to read better and faster with improved comprehension, retention and recall.

To facilitate continuing to learn, maintain, and improve their reading skills, each participant will leave the workshop with the Efficient Reading Professor, i.e., a copy of The Reader's Edge® speed reading software program ($149.99 value) and Speed Reading for Dummies book ($16.95 value).

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Our Workshops
Corporate Workshops
Designed for small or large groups. Can be customized to provide training to fit your group's needs.
Efficient Reading Workshops
Conducted, on location, in morning, afternoon, evening or weekend sessions of four hours, or a full-day.
Study Skills
Students who master efficient reading skills create and implement more effective study skills.
SAT and ACT Test Prep
Mastering efficient reading is the surest way, the best "prep" to get a better score on any standardized test.
Seniors and Adults
Honing Efficient Reading skills bolsters the mind, just as exercise protects and strengthens the body.
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You guys have one of the best software programs for speed reading. I love your follow-up service too, which is really commendable!!! It tells me that you are committed to give your customers the best service!!! I am really impressed with the makers of the software and the dedication you show towards your customers!!!

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