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You guys are doing great. It has been a tremendous help, and it's so simple and effective. I'm totally loving it. Reading has truly become more of a pleasure now. Thanks a lot and all the very best to your whole team!


No teacher should be without The Reader's Edge.... It's one of the most powerful, easy to use, software programs I've ever used.

Sara S., Teacher

My grandson is a very bright young man with a very slow reading pace. He took the ACT for the first time, as an 8th grader and he scored at 29 on the composite. His reading score was 28. Most people would be very happy with a 29 on the ACT. He has had very high aspirations for college since he was in grade school. For that reason, a 29 was not good enough for him. He took the ACT, 5 more times and could never raise his reading score. He did raise his composite score to 31, but that was still not good enough. I felt like we needed more information about his ability and academic strengths and weaknesses. I had him given a psycho educational battery of tests and I was a bit surprised at the results. It showed he had a very high IQ, which I knew, but his learning was primarily auditory. His visual abilities were just barely average. By the time I got The Reader's Edge to him, he had about 3 or 4 weeks to work on it before the next ACT opportunity. He called me from school when he got the results and he was jubilant. His composite score was 34. That was good enough to place him in the second tier of scholarships for college admissions. When he got the actual results, he called me again. His reading score was a perfect 36. I have been in education for 34 years and I have never seen such a dramatic result from any method, curriculum, or practice. I am getting The Reader's Edge for my other grandchildren!

Anna M., School Teacher and Grandmother

Our instructors have finally finished playing with the software, and the consensus is that it's an impressive product, we will be sending your company an order.

Linda L., Teacher

Recently, in effort to enhance our curriculum, we have researched and tested more than a dozen speed-reading programs. Our goal is to aid our students with their Critical Reading/Reading Comprehension sections of the SAT/ACT/PSAT/GRE/GMAT. After much research, we are happy to say that your program was the BEST among all programs/systems tested.

Ryan C., Educational Institution

I am glad I chose your program. There is great variety in your exercises.

Natalie K., Teacher

The YMCA continues to offer cutting-edge methods for i-Learn students to excel and be successful. The Reader's Edge has been a perfect complement to our technology-based curriculum and has helped our students improve their reading fluency. The students enjoy using the software and don't view it as work which makes it fun to incorporate into our existing curriculum.

Laura Young, YMCA Technology Program Director

Thank you for making available The Reader's Edge to CSU! We have found The Reader's Edge software to be a valuable tool for our students who have difficulty meeting time constraints on our standardized exams. The software is an engaging tool that students can use not only for class assignments but for lab practice as well.

Melody S., Ed. D., Columbus State University

Reading has always been a challenge for me. I grew up speaking Spanish and when I enrolled in school, my native language would be replaced with English. This process inhibited my ability to read well. As the years came, I fell behind more and more in my reading. By the time I reached high school, reading was a chore and challenge, never a pleasure. College was the next step in my educational endeavors and reading was not improving. I was a statistic number and only read maybe one or two books a year. Now, the college books were far beyond my reading ability and comprehension that I soon developed a process to understand the material, but yet again, was not finding passion in reading. Fast forward the years to 2013. I'm an English teacher and have my Masters degree in Reading and Literacy. A colleague and I were talking about reading, and I expressed on how I wanted to improve my reading because I developed a passion about reading and wanted to read more.

My colleague spoke of the website Now, I had researched many programs and systems in helping a person to develop reading skills, fluency, and abilities. When I logged on to the preferred website, I immediately discovered the "treasure" of my hunt. I purchased the online program and began using it. Daily I would log on and complete my assignments. Within a ONE year time frame, my reading skills and abilities has improve drastically. I am able to read a number of books per month and comprehend. With the program, I was able to build confidence in my reading. The program has allowed me to monitor my skills and experience the success. Last year I was able to read 53 books. That is a great success because remember I was a statistic and only read one or two per year. My 2014 reading goal is to read 100 books and comprehend each of them. It is now April 2014 and I have 30 books completed and I remember each one. I have finally found the "true" passion of reading books.

Troy R., English Teacher

I am a big fan of your product and consistent use of it really makes a difference in my life.

Thomas O., Educator

Thank you so much for allowing me to use The Reader's Edge with one of my students. He is thoroughly enjoying it and we are already seeing some improvement in his scores within the program.

Amy R., Teacher

Thanks for continuing to improve the program. I've enjoyed many free upgrades, and continuing great customer service. I recommend your software any chance I get! I have to say that the most useful addition for me has been the warm-up exercises.

Eric K., Professor

Thank you for your wonderful program. It has improved my 11 year olds reading fluency by three levels (spelling also) and given her the confidence she was so lacking before. She used to hate reading but is proud to be at a level two years ahead of her classmates. What a turn around and a big relief for us parents because competence in reading and comprehending words has an effect on so many areas of learning and life! I recommend your program highly to young and old!

Mia W., Parent

Congratulations on developing a terrific program. I've been using your speed-reading program with my teenage daughter, and it has been wonderful. First, it works! Second, she can do it at home (no class to get to or fit into our schedule) at her own pace. It has built her confidence as an efficient reader. And, as you may know, a happier child makes a happier parent. Kudos!

Shirley V., Parent

I am a father of two juniors in high school, both of whom score highly on the math and science portions of the ACT test, but their reading scores were below average. Their college counselor at high school recommended they study speed reading this summer. Through my research, I decided to try The Reader's Edge. In six weeks time their scores improved to well above average (26-27) on the ACT, and they continue to improve.

Richard V., Retired Journalist

I read a lot! Whether it's continuously reviewing new article contributions to my newsletter or website, or reading for my study of personal development. I can say without a doubt that The Readers Edge has been an absolute blessing to me. I noticed real measurable results in the amount of work I am able to complete, while at the same time seeing a gain in my comprehension of the material I take in. I don't offer my testimonial for just anything, and with that said, I absolutely recommend The Readers Edge for anyone serious about improving the rate at which they read and comprehend things. Be it business related, personal, or both.

The Reader's Edge is an excellent program which stands head and shoulders above its competitors. I am very impressed with the fast technical support that you have provided, and consider my investment in this program to be money very well spent.

Michael B., Civil Engineer

The results have been so positive that I am expanding the program to all employees and will give those who complete The Reader's Edge a free computer.

Andra Rush, CEO Rush Trucking

Experience the cutting edge in speed reading software, with "TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award" winning product - The Reader's Edge. Whether you read for business, pleasure or both, the speed-reading techniques from The Reader's Edge will train you to read books, magazines, newspapers and business documents in half the time.

TopTenReviews, Premier Review Company

Leaders are readers! This amazing program can unleash your potential and put you onto the fast track in every area of your life.

Brian Tracy, Chairman of Brian Tracy International

This is a great product. In March of last year I took a 280 question test that was to be completed in 3.5 hours because of my poor reading skills I could not get finished with the test. I bought your program and have been using it 45 minutes 5 days a week and when I went back on 12-11-09 I completed the test (with a passing score) and had enough time to review 125 of the questions with ease. This program has connected pathways in my brain that I did not know existed. I am going to use the program for the rest of my life to keep my brain stimulated.

Tim B., Electrical Senior Estimator/Project Manager

Overall your program has been extremely beneficial. I started as an above average reader with a reading speed over 300 words per minute. I wasn't sure if this program would be useful, but I went ahead with the purchase because you guaranteed the results and it was recommended by someone who I respect. In less than a week, I'm now reading at over 500 words per minute. This program is the best investment I've ever made.

David F., Insurance Agent

Thank you very much for the software, I really appreciate your software. It is very useful, especially for me because I read a lot, so thank you again. My feedback for the software is 5 stars.

Diana H.

I'm totally impressed. I first tested my reading speed on the Literacy Company's website at 250 wpm and a comprehension level in the 170's wpm. After just one week of using The Reader's Edge software for 15 minutes daily, I'm already reading at 350 wpm and have greatly increased my comprehension. I'm no longer having to re-read words and sentences. Thanks Reader's Edge!

Jamie S., Real Estate Broker

You guys have one of the best software programs for speed reading. I love your follow-up service too, which is really commendable!!! It tells me that you are committed to give your customers the best service!!! I am really impressed with the makers of the software and the dedication you show towards your customers!!!

Kaushik V., Product Development Engineer

I really love the fact that The Reader's Edge program tracks my success. I can archive my reading speed and comprehension levels from the very first exercise to the most recent one. It helps me track my impressive gains I've made.

Ted R., Business Owner

This is not only an excellent program, head and shoulders above all the competition and worth every cent, but the technical support provided to me has been the best I have ever experienced. I have tripled my reading speed since starting to use this program several months ago and I tend to retain more in memory as well. There is plenty of interesting source material provided, but I have also often imported my own work material, such as the reams of long e-mails and reports I have to read on a daily basis and thereby practiced the reading exercises and done my work at the same time. I highly recommend this program to people of any age and reading ability.

Mike B., Engineer

This program is interactive, challenging, and rewarding, every person could benefit from The Reader's Edge.

Takiela B.,

I am a retired soldier due to wounds received in Iraq. I have a prosthetic skull, shrapnel in my brain, and 5% less vision in my left eye from shrapnel that was in my eye. The main thing which affects me is Traumatic Brain Injury. I can read, but read much slower than I used to and have a hard time comprehending at times. Often I reread sentences over and over again and then at times would have to reread a paragraph or a whole page to get the sense of it (for forgetting what I just read by concentrating on an phrase, rereading) Without even going through all the exercises in the basic edition, I have noticed a huge increase in speed and comprehension in my reading abilities. I will be contacting those at Walter Reed whom helped me recover from Traumatic Brain Injury to sing the praises of this program and the need for it for other wounded patients. I wish I had this program during my recovery, before starting school full time, and even before I deployed to Iraq. Am definitely happy I have this program now! This program will be good for those whom have TBI, eye injuries, head injuries, slow readers, those not very good at reading, and ESL. This retired soldier highly recommends this program for anyone desiring to read more, be better readers.

SGT David E., Retired Soldier

Yesterday I purchased your software and I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. It's unbelievable the techniques you have integrated into this software program. I look forward to many hours of fun-filled education that I normally would put off indefinitely.

Sean T., Financial Services Industry

As an attorney, the 'devil is in the details' and The Reader's Edge has given me the edge in preparation for my clients. I can't express how important it has become in my practice.

Phil S., Attorney

This program really does work. I used to be at 280 and now I'm at 471. I'm definitely improving and this program also helped me to realize that reading is not so bad (because I used to hate doing it). I now love reading and I've already read 5 books.


I recently evaluated your program and I must say that nothing else on the market today even comes close to The Reader's Edge. I have just purchased the program and I am very excited about working to become an efficient reader.

Phillip S., Financial Planner

I found your software very useful, user friendly, and well put together. Using it has been very pleasant experience and one which has helped me improve myself. I give you the highest rating. I just would like to point out once again that one VERY GOOD thing about my user's experience was the fact that in the two occasions when I had trouble with my software and contacted customer support I was IMEDIATELY helped and my problems were solved quickly and painlessly. This is a HUGE plus. I have had so many bad experiences in the past and am now convinced that having a good after sales service really increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. I have recommended your software to many of my friends and family. Keep up the good work.

Omar S.

Thanks so much for developing this software. I have been using it for a week or so and have noticed some immediate improvements in reading mechanics.


The critical component of reading, comprehension and recall is lost in most business climates today.... The Reader's Edge is a powerful, easy to use tool no professional seeking success today should be without.

Brent H., Sales Manager

I installed the program on my home computer last week on Monday. I was anxious to see what it was as the amount of material I need to read for my job has increased tremendously. Yet, the hours in the day haven't. I played around with it for a bit, then took my first reading speed test. I was at 215 words per minute with 97% comprehension. I continued to "play" for about 20 minutes each day last week. The program kept encouraging me to change the combinations and speed. By Saturday afternoon, the test showed I'd increased my reading speed to 600 wpm with 97% comprehension. When I saw that result, I just started laughing. I didn't see it as working on my skills at all - just accepting the challenge of the game. Thank you for all your hard work to make improving this essential skill easy!

Butch Schulz, Supervisor - BBP Concrete

I bought The Reader's Edge one week ago and have been extremely impressed by the progress I have made in my reading speed and comprehension ability. We all know that one of the things that greatly contributes to our personal successes is the knowledge we are acquiring in our particular fields. I have some very lofty goals when it comes to my own personal success, and I strongly feel that the skills I am acquiring through my short daily practices of The Reader's Edge will contribute greatly to those goals.

Frank B., Branch Owner - New Future Mortgage

I purchased your product and it has changed my ability to read and with the improvement that I have seen my self-image of my ability changed also. My memory is improving, my reading has improved and I expect great things in the future as a result of your product. I am doing the work but your product is drawing the best out of me.

Karl S.

The Reader's Edge has done a lot for my comprehension of my business reading. Now, instead of re-reading some materials two or three times, I comprehend with better recall on the first attempt. The Reader's Edge is an important tool in my success!

Pam P., Insurance Agent

Thanks so much! I've been using the program for about two weeks. I can already see some improvements in my reading speed and comprehension. It's a good program and I'm finding it very helpful.

Scott R., Reporter

I just downloaded and started working with it, but I just HAD to write and let you know that I LOVE IT! Your program is extremely user friendly, comprehensive, and fun to use! Thanks so much for a great product!!!

Brett H., Production Manager

I want to give you my greatest appreciation. I am a foreign student who has only been in the United States for 5 years. When I first came I only knew "Yes, No, and stop", and, although I've learned English over the years, I still am struggling in English, especially reading. I took the wpm test and I had a 140 wpm reading speed, and a 100 wpm reading comprehension. After 30 minutes of practice every day, for about two weeks. I am reading at 608 wpm, with 486 wpm comprehension! This is one of the greatest achievements I've made in my whole entire life! Thank you so much! English is so much easier now. Instead of reading every night for hours, I can finish my work about three times as fast and have more notes and homework done. This is amazing! You've forever changed my life, and the way I see English as a subject.

Patrick L., High School Freshman

I've felt I was a slow reader all my life. This tool has helped me break a lot of bad habits. I must admit I'm impressed with the results and the time they show up in. The skill develops fast and the tool makes it easy to keep your new skill honed. Still progressing every day. Thanks.

Marcus S., Student

After the experience of using the three top rated softwares of the top ten reviews, I would say that I admit The Reader's Edge is the top rated software. The flexibility of training, guided by a built-in electronic coach, and very well tailored and guided target attaining progress are unbeatable. Users can feel the software is personal to them. It makes sure I am on the right track and there are some little features (such as timing at the bottom corner of the software to tell me how long I have been on each exercise) which are very well thought of. I am a satisfied user of The Reader's Edge and it helps to reduce the time of my study and frees up more time for other activities.

Hiew L., Student

Thank you for your nice service! As long as I remember, I was a slow reader but I didn't know that it can hurt me someday! During my education I had plenty of time on most exams. My slow reading problem showed up seriously when I decided to go medical school. For getting into medical school in US, everybody needs to take the MCAT test. It tests student's ability in science and English. It has many passages that you need to read fast, understand and answer questions in a very limited time (about 1min and 30 sec). When I took one of MCAT test last year, I was still in the midway of questions when my time ran out! In spite of my very good knowledge in academic courses I couldn't have a good score in MCAT. I knew that my problem was slow reading. So, I searched through internet and asked my friends to find a way to fix it. Finally, I found the website as one of the best to help me! I bought the basic edition. It helped me a lot. After practicing with the software, I saw a considerable change in my reading style! I used to vocalize, reading word by word, coming back in each line of reading. But now, I read without vocalizing, also, I read words as a group. After I spent enough time with basic edition, I enjoyed it more. Next, I wanted to speed up my reading more. So, I decided to upgrade to the pro edition to have access to a much more materials. With the pro edition I can access to updated articles in a variety of fields. It's more real and enjoyable after passing the fundamentals steps in the basic edition. Now I know the techniques I need to practice and practice to read faster with comprehension.

Yousef T., Medical Student

Your software helped me tremendously in improving my reading speed, as English is my second language. It pretty much enabled me to ace my MCAT verbal section and get into medical school.

Rami Z., Medical Student

I have been using the program since last week and let me commend you, it is excellent. My reading has been steadily improving and I am thoroughly impressed with the methods of your program. Please keep up the good work.

James L., Student

I'm really happy with this product. This is something every student should have as it will greatly benefit their reading and research skills. Thank you for creating this program!

Anonymous, Student

From someone who has software experience - I must say your product is excellent. I am using it to prepare for the LSAT. Whenever someone asks me about 'reading skills' software, I state, 'Yours is the best I've seen!'

Frank P., Student

The program is by far one of the best I have used and your customer service is exemplary! I just want to thank you for your hard work in the field of Speed Reading!

Kolby P., Student

I have to admit the software really does work, at least for me. I have had issues with reading and being able to keep up with my studies and using this software fixed that. Since I am a full time student and utilize the visual aspects of learning this software has helped me see things faster and understand things easier.

Frank B., Student

Please allow me the opportunity to voice my praise of The Reader's Edge; it is a phenomenal speed reading program!

Throughout my academic career, including undergraduate and law school, I have been a slow reader for as long as I can remember. My slow reading was not attributable to a language barrier or poor vocabulary, in fact quite the contrary. As a youth, I remember my ISTEP test reading comprehension scores were disparately lower (due to time constraints), although still above average, than my other scores. In college and law school, I spent countless hours reading and re-reading materials in preparation for upcoming exams; however, I retained a great deal more from my lectures than from reading the course materials and concluded that I must be an aural learner. I finally recognized, with help from friends and family, that I needed to improve my reading speed to more enjoy reading and pass my state's Bar Exam.

In preparation for taking the Bar Exam, a standardized test requiring fast reading, comprehension, and analytical thinking, I purchased The Reader's Edge-Basic to improve my reading speed and comprehension. Although initially skeptical of the program, within minutes of beginning the program I had an epiphany. I was not born a slow reader or hardwired as an aural learner, but I had merely developed and perpetuated poor reading habits. The Reader's Edge thoroughly and succinctly explained my bad reading habits (regression, vocalizing and sub/vocalizing, and reading words individually, as opposed to reading in logical word groups), and the exercises substantially helped me to consciously reform my reading habits and increase my reading speed by two or three times. I now use the skills learned from the program subconsciously and am still seeing improvements in my reading speed and comprehension test reports.

I have been so pleased with my reading speed and comprehension improvements that I was intrigued by the potential benefits I could receive from the additional speed reading features available in The Reader's Edge Pro. I want to continue to see my reading speed and comprehension improve so I have upgraded to the Pro for the additional exercises and reading samples. I look forward to continuing to improve my reading abilities.

I am no longer self-conscious of my reading speed and appreciate reading so much more! At risk of sounding cliche, I wholeheartedly recommend this program to every individual, young or old. It can only help you to recognize your true and efficient reading potential and hone your reading skills. In retrospect, I wish my elementary school had this program available to help usher me from my phonics-driven reading curricula to the speedy and efficient reading abilities I've gleaned through using The Reader's Edge. It would have made my academic career much easier and permitted me to use my time much more efficiently.

Thank you so very much!

Anthony S., B.A., J.D.

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