When Reading is No More a Burden

September 3rd, 2007

On a trip abroad, Mr. Festus Azara noticed that most of the foreigners in the flight were reading one thing or the other, while Africans, particularly Nigerians in the same aircraft were reading little or nothing. He wondered why this is so as other thoughts ran through his mind. Interestingly it did not take him time to discover one of the reasons.

Apart from the fact that the western worlds have over the years developed the culture of reading, Azara also found out that technology has assisted them richly. Today, he is at the fore-front of marketing in West Africa one of those technologies that has aided them in falling in love in reading thereby enhances the reading culture.

One of those technologies that have assisted man to read faster and with greater understanding is The Reader's Edge Software. The software is a result of over a decade of research by Richard Sutz of the United States of America.

The Reader's Edge, according to Sutz and Azara improves reading speed, comprehension, retention, recall and reading pleasure. With the software, they said they are pioneering a new reading revolution that will change the way people read as well as change the way reading is thought. "Ultimately, The Reader's Edge is your reading professor that will guide you to become an effective and efficient speed reader.

"By unlearning the habits of slow readers and learning the habits and skills of effective and efficient speed readers. All it takes is your 15 minutes every other day for three weeks after initial training for it to stick and the result is permanent. Your reading skills will become as natural as riding a bike," Azara told THISDAY recently.

The Reader's Edge was made by The Literacy Company, a leader in developing reading improvement software and committed to supporting all readers as they strive to achieve their full reading potential. Founded in 1996, The Literacy Company has dedicated years to research and development of The Reader's Edge(r) software.

Its mission over time is to teach individuals of all ages to "become silent (vs. oral) fluent readers. Fluent reading is effective and efficient speed-reading. Fluent readers read better and faster with improved comprehension and recall."

Fluency today, according to the company based in the US, "has become synonymous with oral reading proficiency. Based on current research and data, The Literacy Company maintains that fluent "silent" reading proficiency is achieved by a completely opposite set of skills than employed by oral readers. Ninety per cent of all readers after third grade live in a silent reading world.

"These readers will be condemned to become slow readers if they continue to read one word at a time with each eye fixation and vocalise words (lip or subliminally) as they read. Fluent readers on the other hand have learned to incorporate the vital reading skills that allow them to see, read and process groups of words with each eye fixation without the need to vocalise".

According to John Anthony O'Brien, a professor and author of Silent Reading "...records reveal the physiological basis of the superiority of silent over oral reading in point of both speed and comprehension." Based on academic, theoretic and pedagogical (art and science of teaching) principles, silent reading skills produce true reading fluency.

The Literacy Company's goals are aligned with, and support, the US No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Federal Department of Education and the White House Initiative on Tribal Colleges and Universities. "If you're searching for instruction in effective and efficient speed reading, with improved comprehension and retention; look no further. The Literacy Company provides customised instruction for individuals and corporate workshops. The Reader's Edge is customised for users of all ages, from age five to adult, thus offering a unique way to learn effective speed reading in either the privacy and comfort of your own home and/or workplace.

"Our individual instruction allows for unlimited members of your family to sign on and use the program on the two computers for which the program is licensed. No longer do you have to adjust your schedule to fit in classes in undesirable locations and times. Rather than having to attend workshops or seminars away from your home or workplace, The Reader's Edge is a self-paced software program, which you can download to your computer immediately upon completing your order," Sutz said.

For large groups of 15 or more, Azara, whose company Surewealth Limited said the company offers one-day customised onsite training workshops. They also structure The Reader's Edge to accommodate individual group, school district or organisation's needs.

"The Reader's Edge is a productivity tool that you can't afford to be without. Knowledge is power. The more effective reader you become, the higher your potential will be to achieve your dreams and goals. Learn more about The Reader's Edge speed-reading software," Azara further said.

There have been deluge testimonies in the US where the software has been in great use. According to a schoolteacher and grandmother, "my grandson is a very bright young man with a very slow reading pace. He took the ACT for the first time, as an 8th grader and he scored at 29 on the composite. His reading score was 28. Most people would be very happy with a 29 on the ACT. He has had very high aspirations for college since he was in grade school. "For that reason, a 29 was not good enough for him. He took the ACT, five more times and could never raise his reading score. He did raise his composite score to 31, but that was still not good enough. I felt like we needed more information about his ability and academic strengths and weaknesses.

"I had him given a psycho-educational battery of tests and I was a bit surprised at the results. It showed he had a very high IQ, which I knew, but his learning was primarily auditory. His visual abilities were just barely average. By the time I got The Reader's Edge to him, he had about three or four weeks to work on it before the next ACT opportunity.

"He called me from school when he got the results and he was jubilant. His composite score was 34. That was good enough to place him in the second tier of scholarships for college admissions. When he got the actual results, he called me again. His reading score was a perfect 36.

"I have been in education for 34 years and I have never seen such a dramatic result from any method, curriculum, or practice. I am getting The Reader's Edge for my other grandchildren," the schoolteacher said.

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