Just Released The Reader's Edge Version 4.1

January 30th, 2007

In our continual effort to make The Reader's Edge software the most effective speed reading program available, The Literacy Company is proud to announce the release of The Reader's Edge Version 4.1. In this new version, we have made numerous program enhancements to make our users experience better than ever.

Version 4.1 Features:

  • Warm Up exercises: Two new "warm up" exercises have been added the program. These new exercises were designed in conjunction with Athletic Perception Institute, a leader in the field of reading education. Working with these exercises will help users increase their overall visual skills while teaching how to recognize and retain more information quicker and more accurately. 1) Recognition Training: The first exercise in the "warm up" group, this exercise helps sharpen all aspects of the reading process by teaching users how to quickly see, read and process numbers. As you work with this exercise, a series of numbers are displayed at various rates which helps to improve recognition skills. 2) Motility Training: The second exercise in the "warm up" group, this exercise provides a great way to improve short term memory. As words and images are displayed, users must count and recall the number of times each object is displayed.

  • Improved Interface: Expanding upon the design of our popular Online Demo Edition, Version 4.1 includes numerous updates to the graphical interface of the program.

  • Reading Selection and Comprehension Test Details: This improvement makes it easier for users to determine if the reading selection they have loaded into the program is of interest to them and within their current reading abilities.

Need to improve your reading speed, comprehension and recall? Take your reading skills to the next level with The Reader's Edge software. By practicing only 15 minutes every other day, you will learn to read better and faster with improved comprehension and recall. Get started today and see why TopTenReviews.com ranked The Reader's Edge software the best Speed Reading Program for 2007.

* Current Users can update their program at no cost, learn how.



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