Version 3.5 of The Reader's Edge Now Available

August 18th, 2006

The latest version of The Reader's Edge version 3.5 includes many updates to the widely popular Fluent Reading software.

This new version includes features for "Readers with Dyslexia". With The Reader's Edge exercises users can display text in single word, multiple word and sentence only structure. In addition, the font type and size can be adjusted to facilitate focusing on individual words or phrases, thus helping to remove the "distraction" of seeing others words when reading.

In addition, The Reader's Edge has been modified to recognize the Microsoft Windows accessibility settings (window and font color). Individuals that have various degrees of Dyslexia can now work with The Reader's Edge and read in a manner in which they are most comfortable. To learn how to customize the Windows accessibility settings on your computer visit the Microsoft Accessibility Resource website.

Updates to our Horizontal Span exercise and our Vertical Span exercise added a new confirmation option that allow users to select their preference of confirmation. Users now have the choice of confirming the displayed objects either by selecting from a list of possible answers or typing in their answer.

* Current Users can update their program at no cost, learn how.



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