The Reader's Edge Version 3.2 now available

December 5th, 2005

The Literacy Company's latest version offers many updates to the widely popular Fluent Reading software, The Reader's Edge. These latest improvements include many suggestions from our Users, including the ability to automatically display objects in our Horizontal Span and Vertical Span Exercises using our new Cycle Display feature. This new feature allows Users to simply sit back and watch the exercise display random words and phrases on the screen, at User controlled frequencies. This addition to our program facilitates and supports learning to see and read more than one word at a time with each eye fixation; a key requirement to becoming a Fluent Reader.

Additional features in Version 3.2 include a wide variety of new reading selections and comprehension tests, specifically designed for younger Users between grades 3 to 12. These reading selections contain new stories for Users to import into the program. They include reading topics such as Parent Education, History of various subjects, Biographies, etc. Also, we've added comprehension tests that provide a fun way for Users to evaluate their progress. The Reader's Edge Program improvements will assist Users to become Fluent Readers while learning along the way.

Another new and exciting feature is the addition of RSS News Feeds. This is a convenient way to practice your reading skills while being able to access the best and latest reading material available on the Internet. The ability to paste RSS News Feeds into The Reader's Edge Program means you can read current news articles while learning to become a Fluent Reader. It makes learning enhanced reading skills fun and easy while incorporating daily reading.

* Current Users can update their program at no cost, learn how.



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