The Literacy Company Launch's The Reader's Edge Online Demo

April 10, 2007

PHOENIX, Arizona, April 10, 2007 - The Literacy Company, developers of The Reader's Edge software, together with Rareview Interactive, an interactive design and development agency in Los Angeles, have just launched the new online demo of The Reader's Edge.

The online demo has been overhauled to provide users with a new experience and a better understanding of The Reader's Edge full version. This free demo allows users to "test drive" the software before purchasing the full version. According to Richard Sutz, President of The Literacy Company, "The demo version is a continuation of ongoing development efforts by our company to improve the overall effectiveness of our software. The motivation behind developing the demo is to show users exactly how the application works, while demonstrating how easy and enjoyable it can be to learn to improve your reading speed, comprehension, retention and recall."

Since the release of The Reader's Edge, it has been used by thousands of individuals and corporations in 65 countries. Test results show improved reading rates increased two and three times by users.

The Literacy Company partnered with Rareview Interactive for help in designing the new interface and developing the application. "Rareview's experience with Flash development and the amazing quality of their work made them a perfect fit for this project," said Sutz. Chuck Pearson, CEO of Rareview added, "We worked to create an application that would have a broad appeal and would function in a way that helps to double or triple reading rates. This application increases people's reading comprehension, retention and recall. It was critical to us that we designed The Reader's Edge online demo with that in mind."

By putting The Reader's Edge online, users of the software are no longer required to download, get permission, and install the software on their PCs. The online demo supports all computer platforms and can be found at

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