The Literacy Company Announces Two Important Training Contracts

November 2nd, 2009

Two major contracts were announced by The Literacy Company, Scottsdale, AZ and its wholly owned division, The Literacy Academy. The Literacy Company will employ its breakthrough reading technology, The Reader's Edge to teach silent reading fluency to 20,000 civilian and military personnel at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma and 165 employees at InfusionSoft, a local Gilbert, AZ high technology company.

The Literacy Company, along with its research partner, Barrow Neurological Institute, as well as the Tinker and InfusionSoft staff will participate in research studies to measure the effects of silent reading fluency on improved job performance and productivity, reduction in errors, enhanced self esteem and enjoyment of reading. This will be one of the largest studies of a single educational product ever conducted in America.

The Literacy Academy uses The Reader's Edge technology to teach students of all ages silent reading fluency; which is simply effective and efficient speed reading. Students who master silent reading skills read better and faster with improved comprehension, retention and recall.

The Academy has a Train-the-Trainer program for corporate and government organizations, as well as individuals, to train employees or individual clients. Learning enhanced reading skills is critical because in today's information-based society individuals are ultimately judged on how well they read.

Dr. Jackie Olson, The Literacy Academy's CEO, recently presented this technology to teachers at the Arizona Reading Conference in Flagstaff. They were eager to learn why and how to teach students silent reading fluency skills. They were surprised and puzzled why they were not taught these essential reading skills when they were in college.

The Literacy Company's Reader's Edge technology and The Literacy Academy workshops are making dramatic changes, worldwide, in the way individuals read and the way reading is taught.



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