NASA Invites Local Entrepreneur to Kennedy Space Center

April 29th, 2003

Richard K. Sutz, founder and President of The Literacy Company (TLC), a Scottsdale Airpark educational software development firm, announced today that TLC has been invited by the NASA Learning Technologies Project to give a demonstration of The Reader's Edge, its state-of-the-art enhanced (rapid) reading program, at the NASA Educational Technology Program Conference to be held at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, May 7, 8, 9, 2002.

The Reader's Edge program, the result of $1 million in R&D, teaches individuals to read more rapidly with greater comprehension and retention. It is a key element in TLC's mission to teach enhanced reading skills in today's information-based economy that rewards individuals in direct proportion to their ability to read.

Market rollout is scheduled for Q2-2003. Final beta testing is being conducted within scientific, academic and corporate circles. Currently available in English, later versions will be available in 25 languages. A Spanish language version is currently under development.

NASA's invitation to this conference is a major imprimatur and endorsement of TLC's technology and its predominant position in the field of teaching enhanced reading skills. Of only six companies invited to deliver presentations, TLC is the only one demonstrating technology in the field of reading instruction.

Conference attendess include leading government and private sector education executives, along with representatives of the Senate and House Committees on Education and the Workforce. Their responsibility is to identify and support, via continued research, state-of-the-art reading programs for children and adults.



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