The Literacy Academy Launches Reading Fluency Workshops

September 4th, 2009

The Literacy Academy, a division of The Literacy Company, located at the Scottsdale Airpark, has designed a series of engaging workshops focusing on enhancing fluent reading skills for adults and students.  These workshops promote efficient silent reading skills which enables the reader to not only read faster, but with increased comprehension, retention, and recall of important information.

Richard Sutz, CEO of The Literacy Company, is the developer of the award-winning software program, The Reader's Edge and author of the recently published book, Speed Reading for Dummies, which is available in bookstores everywhere.

The workshops are designed to teach "Read to Learn" skills, as opposed to limiting people to only possessing "Learn to Read" skills.  Efficient reading skills can help people deal with the information overload we all experience in our personal and professional lives, as well as better prepare students for studying and test-taking in their academic pursuits.  Some of the workshops are specifically geared toward preparing students for college entrance exams, like the ACT and SAT, by teaching efficient reading skills in conjunction with appropriate test preparation strategies.

The Literacy Academy, under the direction of Dr. Jackie Olson, Vice-President of The Literacy Company, offers the opportunity for people of all ages to increase their reading fluency, mental agility, memorization skills, and note-taking and study skills, as well as time management strategies in a fun and engaging workshops environment.

The Literacy Academy is located at 13901 N. 73rd St., Suite 214, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.  Please visit our website or call 480-998-3502 for more information.



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