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Cultural Literacy Test - Civics I

Take your time with the following cultural literacy test. If you select the correct answer it will be highlighted in green and the related information will be shown. If the first answer selected is incorrect, it will be highlighted in yellow, indicating try again. If the second answer selected is incorrect, the correct answer will be displayed. See the Bibliography to learn more about this test.

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1. The War Powers Act prevents the president from
declaring war on Third World nations
sending armed forces into hostilities for longer than a specified period without the approval of Congress
shipping arms to be used in a foreign war
acting as head of state in times of war
2. How is the number of representatives from each state in the House of Representatives determined?
by the area of the state
by the wealth of the state
by the population of the state
by the amount of exports the state produces
3. What is a junta?
a group of Communists who meet regularly for political discussion
a council controlling the government after a revo­lutionary seizure of power
an organization that campaigns for a particular presidential candidate
the Spanish parliament
4. The National Organization for Women (NOW) works to
pay tuition for disadvantaged women in college
strengthen laws against drunk driving
establish equal rights for women under the law
abolish abortion in the United States
5. The role of a presidential primary is to
select the president of the United States b. nominate a party candidate
nominate a party candidate
elect the vice-president of the United States
elect delegates to a party's national convention and
6. One function of the FBI is to
investigate threats to the security of the United States that take place within U.S. borders
stop the spread of communism in Central and South America
protect the president and vice-president
coordinate intelligence operations
7. The Selective Service System is responsible for
selecting the candidates for president
choosing the members of the city council
drafting and induction into the armed forces
selecting workers in private industry for promotion to government jobs
8. What was the Stamp Act?
a law passed by Congress in 1980 raising the price of stamps to 22 cents
a law passed by the British Parliament in 1765 requiring special stamps on various paper products
a law passed by Congress in 1941 requiring everyone to carry a stamped identification card
a law passed by Congress in 1804 requiring that mail bear stamps
9. Which president of the United States has been im­peached?
Richard Nixon
Ulysses S. Grant
Andrew Johnson
Lyndon Baines Johnson
10. What is the function of a jury?
to decide on the guilt or innocence of a person accused of a crime
to choose the judge who will preside over a trial
to protect the life of a person accused of a crime
to find evidence to prove a person guilty or innocent of a crime
11. Which group are all members of the president's cabinet?
secretary of defense, minority whip, Speaker of the House
vice-president, secretary of state, chief justice
secretary of state, attorney general, secretary of labor
secretary of transportation, national security ad­visor, vice-president
12. What happens in a presidential veto?
The president votes in a national election.
The senators vote to impeach the president.
The people vote to choose their president.
The president refuses to sign a bill into law.
13. The governments of Great Britain, Sweden, and Bel­gium are examples of
constitutional monarchies
absolute monarchies
14. In the case of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, the Supreme Court ruled that
public schools must be desegregated
official school prayers were illegal
the publication of controversial or "obscene" articles by minors in school newspapers can be suppressed by school authorities
children could not work in factories
15. What is the job of the secretary of state?
to oversee the defense of the United States
to oversee the judicial systems of the fifty states
to take notes in meetings of state
to handle government affairs involving foreign coun­tries
16. In order, who becomes acting president if the president of the United States dies in office?
secretary of state, vice-president, national security
Speaker of the House, vice-president, attorney gen­eral
vice-president, Speaker of the House, president pro tempore of the Senate
vice-president, secretary of state, Speaker of the House
17. Which agency has its offices in the Pentagon?
the CIA
the Department of Defense
the presidential cabinet
the Department of State
18. The electoral college is
a school for politicians in Washington, D.C.
the group representing a presidential candidate at a national convention
the group of electors who actually choose the pres­ident
the name for the votes of citizens in a presidential election before they are tallied
19. What does the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution state?
The right to vote shall not be denied because of sex.
The sale of alcohol is prohibited.
The government can collect income taxes.
Slavery shall be abolished.
20. What are the terms in office of these officials: president, senator, representative?
eight years, four years, four years
four years, six years, two years
two years, two years, one year
four years, two years, two years
21. When you cast your ballot, you
nominate a candidate for your party
refrain from voting due to religious beliefs
choose a political party to which you will belong
vote in secret using a machine or a printed form
22. Alexander Hamilton and other Federalists believed that
Canada should become part of the Union
slavery should be abolished
the United States should be ruled by a constitutional monarchy
the United States should have a strong central government
23. The NAACP seeks to
uphold the rights of blacks in the United States
protect consumers against fraud
make sure medicines are safe and effective
ensure world peace
24. When the Senate ratifies a treaty, it
votes it down
approves it by a two-thirds vote
allows the President to veto it
changes its wording
25. What is a naturalized citizen?
someone who was born in the United States
someone whose parents were born in the United States
an immigrant who applies for citizenship and passes
an immigrant who has lived in the United States for at least five years
Excellent. You are on your way to true cultural literacy.
Good. You have more than a passing knowledge of this subject.
Fair. You have a competent grasp of many aspects of this subject.
Poor. You could use some improvement in this area.
Below 60%
Time for literacy training.
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