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The Literacy Company is a leading developer of reading-improvement software and is committed to supporting all readers as they strive to achieve their full reading potential. Everything we do revolves around showing you how to increase your reading speed and comprehension while getting more out of the reading experience than you ever thought possible.

Founded in 1996 by Richard Sutz, The Literacy Company is dedicated to the research and development of The Reader's Edge® software, which lets you take immediate control of your reading practice and easily track your progress.

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You guys have one of the best software programs for speed reading. I love your follow-up service too, which is really commendable!!! It tells me that you are committed to give your customers the best service!!! I am really impressed with the makers of the software and the dedication you show towards your customers!!!

Kaushik V., Product Development Engineer - More

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach individuals of all ages to become fluent silent readers rather than oral readers. Fluent reading means effective and efficient speed reading. Fluent readers read better and faster with improved comprehension, retention and recall.


Reading Proficiency

Unfortunately today, fluency has become synonymous with oral reading proficiency — the Learn To Read phase of reading instruction most of us were taught as children. Based on its current research and data, The Literacy Company maintains that fluent silent reading proficiency is necessary in order to master Read To Learn skills. Read to Learn skills are a complete opposite set of skills than those learned when practicing reading aloud in school.


Fixing the 4th Grade Slump

It's a proven fact that mastering silent reading leads to the Read To Learn skills that are an absolute necessity in today's information-based society. This is how The Reader's Edge fixes the "fourth-grade slump."

After third grade, all readers live in a silent reading world. They're condemned to become slow readers if they continue to read one word at a time and vocalize the words — either with their lips or subliminally.


Fluent readers, on the other hand, have mastered the vital reading skills that allow them to see, read and process groups of words without vocalizing. According to John Anthony O'Brien, Ph.D., professor and author of the book Silent Reading, not learning and using silent reading skills is like forcing a baby to continue crawling rather than teaching it how to walk.


No Child Left Behind

The Literacy Company's goals are aligned with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Federal Department of Education guidelines and the White House Initiative on Tribal Colleges and Universities.

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